M&T RESOURCES is one of the Malaysia’s fast growing suppliers and contractor of qualitative products and services in the market. 

We are particularly provide online exhibition, virtual exhibition & virtual expo design and installation service. With a vision to provide excellent and professionalism ideas, we provide a comprehensive range of products and services to complement with a touch of innovation and creativity.


  • We believe in the power of brands to influence the destiny of any company. They are the ultimate differentiation.
  • We believe that our work, is not to create glory for ourselves, but help you to achieve glory for the business.
  • We believe in objective, passionate advice. Not what you want to hear or what is easy. Nothing is easy and the more honest we are about it, the faster we move on to engaging the reality.
  • We are strategically striving for excellence in managing and developing the business by making continuous changes & improvements.
  • We seek to be the best in all areas of strategic importance to the company.
  • We are emphasis work as a team and be pro-active in achieving our business goals and faster continuous innovation at all levels.
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